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Ugga Bugga slots online
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Slot Type:
Classic slots
Slot features:
Wild Symbol, Autoplay Option

Jungle and tribal themed slots have their own charm about them. Our earliest ancestors were nothing more than tribal people living off the land hunting animals and scourging for plant-based foods for their daily needs. So, it is but natural for us to go back to our natural roots from time to time. This is very much evident with the number of jungle and tribal themed movies, TV Series and games that have been made over the years. Slot developers too haven’t shied away with this theme and have tried incorporating it in their titles accordingly.

Your first thoughts about a title name like this makes you think and picture childish banters but it certainly is not the case. While these two words combined may actually feel like gibberish of sorts that only a toddler or child may utter but in the Ugga Bugga slot, it has completely different relevance. You will be surrounded by a jungle, giving you an almost tribal feel of the title and for company, there will be different kinds of things like bongos, bamboos, tribesmen with shields and spears, small makeshift huts, drums, fruits, tribal masks etc. All you need to do is make use of these different things to earn big wins for yourself.

Standard Features

Ugga Bugga casino slot online is a 3 reel and 10 payline slot made by Playtech. Before you make your way deep into the jungle learning more about this particular tribal culture, you will first need to set your bets on the play lines. The minimum bet in the title is AUD 0.01 while the maximum bet is AUD 250. Once you have placed your bets, you can then proceed to hit the spin button. This will then spin all the reels in motion. There is also an autoplay feature for the use of gamblers. If you feel tired of spinning the reels manually, you can always make use of this feature. The autoplay feature allows players to spin the reels automatically for a specific number of times. The highest jackpots amount that a player can win within the production is 5000 coins. The title’s RTP is among the highest amongst other slots of the same category. The game does not boast of standard rules and features of traditional slots. Some of the basic and bonus rounds within the title include:

  • Scatters:

There are no scatter symbols within the game.

  • Wilds:

The golden idol in the title is the wild symbol and can replace all the other symbols within the title. Getting multiple symbols of up to 3 idols can yield a winning combination in this round. This comes with a 1000X multiplier.

  • Free spins:

The absence of scatters means there are no free spins in the production.

  • Playing table:

There is a playing table that players need to consult before putting their wager. As mentioned before, only three of the wild golden idol comes with the highest multiplier. If you have any amount of lower value coins then you will only be able to win up to the prescribed value of the pay table that you have bet on the play line. For example, the tribesman and the 1st wild comes with a 1x multiplier whereas the hut icon comes with a 5X multiplier. The red drum has a 35X line bet multiplier whereas 3 wilds comes with 250x multiplier and 3 wilds with bet max has 1000X multiplier. You can refer to the playing table for more specific information.

Tips for Playing

You can play Ugga Bugga slot machine online on a number of different casinos online. There has been growing number of casinos since the past decade where major slot providers have their games listed. It is always advisable to new players that they always try out a slot for free first before putting in real money. Gamblers can play Ugga Bugga for real money by registering themselves on any online casino. Upon registering, there are multiple choices of payment that can be used for making real money payment directly into your account.

A good strategy to follow in Ugga Bugga free title is to concentrate on getting the wilds which is the most-high paying symbol in the production. All symbols have their own multiplier attached to them but it is important to pick and choose symbols which are held and which are discarded. As such there is no optimal strategy or cheats with the title or any slots for that matter.


Ugga Bugga is not your average run of the milieu title but it has some unique spinning action that makes it stand out amongst other no download free slots. This medium volatility game will surely attract both pros and novices looking for a fun title to play. The prize potential in the production definitely makes it worth playing, not to mention the jungle themed excitement that goes with it.

Harrison Welsby
Harrison Welsby

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