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Slot Type:
video slot
50,000 credits
Slot features:
Lucky Win, Jackpot Rounds

Introduction to the Supra Hot Slot Game by Novomatic

Supra Hot is a classic retro-themed classic video slot with 4 reels and 25 paylines by Novomatic gaming suite. This slot game runs on the classic theme of fruits and brings you nostalgia for the old-school land-based slot machines. Undoubtedly, it is one of the simplest yet rewarding online slots from the developer.

General Information About Novomatic’s Supra Hot Slot Game

Novomatic, the developer of this slot game blends the present and the classic. Supra Hot slot game takes you back to the old times and gives you an idea of how fun slot games were earlier. Hence you will find classic elements like the symbols on the reels.

How to Play the Supra Hot Slot Game – For Free and Real Money

Before starting with real money games, the player needs to first to play in the demo mode. But both versions of the slot machine have the same gameplay. Let’s take a look:

  • Launch the game. Before starting the game, you will have to bet an amount as per your convenience. You can increase or decrease the bet amount by clicking on the ‘BET’ button.
  • Here, you cannot reduce or increase the number of paylines. So the paylines are fixed in this slot game, and hence you have to play with all of them activated. Well, the fixed pay lines make the game features very straightforward and simplified.
  • The screen shows multiple boxes that display information that would be useful during gameplay, such as total number credits and the amount of your last win.
  • To spin the reels, you need to click on the ‘start’ button. During the reels spin, the start button changes to stop by clicking the stop button ends the spin and immediately displays the spin result. You will find the start button placed on the bottom of the extreme right – hand side corner.
  • To spin the reels, you also can click the ‘AUTO’ button, which spins the reels repeatedly for a number of times until you again click the autoplay button to stop spinning the reels.
  • When you get a winning combination on the reels, your winning amount is displayed on the white box, which is placed just beside the auto option.
  • When the winning amount is displayed, you get two more buttons displayed on the screen – ‘risk’ and ‘take’. This symbolizes that you risk your winning amount or you can take your winning amount.

Minimum/Maximum Bet

A bet button is placed on the bottom right-hand side of the screen. By clicking this button, you can bet your amount at your convenience. The minimum bet is 5 credits, and the maximum bet is 500 credits.

Supra Hot RTP, Rating and Volatility

Before playing at the casino, gamers will obviously want to know how much they can hope to win. This particular information is given by RTP or the return to the player. The RTP for the Supra Hot slot game is 95%.

The Supra Hot slot game overall rate is 4.8 out of 5, and it has medium volatility.

Slot Symbols and Their Features

This slot game offers you with an auto option, which is explained earlier. This feature is an excellent one, that makes the slot game more simple, but keeps it intriguing. However, this casino game does not offer bonus rounds, free spins, and multipliers. However, the Supra Hot slot includes a jackpot round. The Minimum coins per spin are 0.04, and the Maximum coin per spin is 50.

The symbols of the reels in the Supra Hot slot game are casino classics. They are a black X symbol, classic bar symbol, the blue stars symbol, and the golden seven symbol. Some other symbols include the various fruit symbols, and they are sunny yellow lemons, ripe purple plums, juicy oranges, round red cherries, blue stars, and golden seven. The winning combinations that these symbols can launch are discussed in the Paytable.

Scatter symbol and Wild Symbol – Novomatic does not provide any scatter symbol in the Supra Hot slot game. In fact, this game introduces you to the old-world slot machine charm which did not have fancy feature symbols.

Bonus symbol – The Supra Hot classic video slot is based on a retro-theme and hence does not provide the gamers with the bonus feature. However, the game offers several functionalities that help the players win substantially.

This makes the Supra Hot slot game distinct from other slot games.

The Supra Hot Paytable

In most of the online slot machines that are on the market today, the wild symbol gives the highest payouts, and the scatter symbol is of the second-highest value. However in the Supra Hot slot machine game, there is no such wild symbol, but the regular symbols provide gamers ample winning opportunities. Rewards are offered when winning combinations start from the leftmost reel to the right. Bonuses are offered by multiple winning combinations. Payline wins are multiplied by the line bet, malfunctions void all plays and pay.

  • When a single fruit symbol appears on all the reels, i.e. twelve fruits covering the whole screen give a winning amount of 1,000 coins, which is the highest winning amount in this slot game. The fruit symbols appear in stacks, covering the whole 5×3 playing grid.
  • When the four symbols of red cherries or the juicy oranges appear on all the four reels on the payline, it offers a winning amount of 20 coins. Similarly, when it appears on 3 reels on the payline, it offers a winning amount of 5 coins.
  • When the sunny yellow lemons and the ripe purple plums appear on all the 4 reels on the payline, it offers you a winning combination of 20 coins, and when it appears on 3 reels, it offers you a winning combination of 5 coins.
  • When the symbol of the black X appears on all 4 reels, it provides you with a winning amount of 10 coins. When it appears on 3 reels, it provides you with a winning prize of 10 coins.
  • When the symbol of the classic BAR appears on all 4 reels on the payline, it provides you with a winning amount of 200 coins; when it appears on 3 reels, it provides you with a winning multiplier of 20 coins.
  • When the symbol of the blue star appears on all 4 reels on the payline, it provides you with a winning amount of 300 coins, and when it appears on 3 reels, it provides you with a winning multiplier of 30 coins.
  • The Golden 7 is the second-highest that gives a good winning amount. When the symbol of the Golden Seven appears on all 4 reels on the payline, it provides you with a winning amount of 800 coins. And when it appears on 3 reels on the payline, it provides you with a winning multiplier of 80 coins.

You can find information as per your need from within the game by clicking the ‘? ‘ (question mark) button, which is placed on the bottom of the extreme left-hand corner.

Wild Symbol

Usually, the wild symbol completes combinations of all regular symbols other than the scatter symbol. Though out here, there is no such wild symbol in particular. Though the slot game does have any special feature symbols, the regular symbols that the game offers are more than rewarding.

Game Design, Soundtrack & Graphics

Supra Hot slot game is a vintage-styled slot. Supra Hot slot game does not distract you with flashy graphics and animations. It simply aims in keeping your attention to what is important in terms of gameplay. The background of the Supra Hot slot game is energetic and bright with curvy bright red lines and yellow lines. Supra Hot slot game has classic music, and classic sound effects played in the background.

Tips and Strategies to Win Slot Game – How to Win

There are no specific tips and strategies as such on how to win. Rewards are given out when there are winning combinations. The Pay Table above the playfield gives relevant information.

For beginners, it is advisable to play this classic video slot for free on our site as it helps gamers to understand the game before they start playing this slot game for real money. The Supra Hot slot game is easy and convenient to play as compared to other slots. The beginners will grasp a hand at it after a few rounds.

The Mobile Version vs The Desktop Version

The Supra Hot slot game is compatible across all platforms. It can be played with equal ease on both desktop and mobile phones, with the increasing number of gamers, and a spike in demands. Novomatic has used the new-age HTML5 technology to make this game compatible across iOS, Windows, and Android devices. There is no such difference between the desktop version and the mobile version. The game can be accessed directly from browsers.

The Supra Hot slot game is available through instant play and requires no download. This slot game is also available through real money casino apps and portals of several renowned online casinos.

Jackpot Wins

The Supra Hot slot game provides you with a special feature, the jackpot feature. This game offers an amazing jackpot amount of 50,000 coins. It comes from the maximum bet multiplied by a 1,000-coin win.

Concluding Thoughts

The Supra Hot slot game is a classic retro slot that is blended with modern features that make it fascinating and interesting for beginners as well as for pro gamblers. Though the graphics are quite simple, it doesn’t fail to offer a high aesthetic value that gamers will enjoy.

In earlier times, slot games were not so complicated. Slot machines were fun and easy to understand. If you are a person who wants to relish history and enjoy classic slot games, this slot game is perfect for you. Though the slot game is simple, it is lucrative.

Each and every symbol on the reels are classic and vintage slot symbols that are easy to recognize and understand. This could be the perfect way to relive and rediscover the range of slot symbols that had been around for more than 100 years – ever since the concept of gambling came into existence.

In the casino industry, the Novomatic gaming suite is one of the most famous and renowned software developers. Due to their generosity and simplicity, their slot games have proved to be timeless in their appeal. The offerings are invariably colourful and entertaining. The Supra Hot isn’t an exception.

Try this slot for free on our site or for real money on the Novomatic’s online casino. This slot will keep you entertained and offers premium security features using 128-bit SSL encryptions.

Internet Slots FAQ’s

Does the Supra Hot slot have free spins?

No, the Supra Hot slot game does not provide you with free spins or any kind of bonus feature.

How can I play the Supra Hot slot for free?

Novomatic offers you a demo game where you can play the Supra Hot slot for free. You can find it on our site, at the top of this page. It is an instant-play game - you don’t need to sign-in or download anything.

Does the Supra Hot real money slot game have a Wild Symbol?

No, it does have a Wild Symbol. But the main game winnings are quite impressive.

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