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Slot Type:
Video Slots
25 000
Slot features:
Bonus Rounds, Wild Symbol, Multipliers

If you are one of the slot lovers who love bonus games, consider trying out the Super Jackpot Party slot. The famous online casino developer Williams Interactive started their journey with this game. Soon it became insanely popular among the casino players all over the world. Why? The reason is pretty simple – bonus rounds. Every player loves winning a more and the bonus rounds make it way easier. Moreover, players find it quite fascinating as it removes the boredom of spinning after spinning.

The Basics

Okay, let’s talk about Super Jackpot Party in detail now. First comes the graphics. To be frank, if you are expecting an eye-dazzling graphics of this era, you might get a bit disappointed. The graphics are kept pretty simple and straightforward. The backdrop is just a violet screen with some random sized dots. Also, the background sound is quite catchy and perfectly resembles the theme. The music doesn’t start from the very beginning. It starts all on a sudden to give you the mood.

The faded pink buttons give it a pale look. However, the Bet amount selector is quite impressive as you could drag the slider from left to right for setting your desirable betting amount. The minimum amount of bet is 0.20 coins per spin that reach a maximum value of 100 coins per spin. There are two different looks for the bottom panel – the classic look and the quick bet look. On the bottom-right corner, you will find the spin button, and the autoplay button is placed on the right corner. We honestly think Super Jackpot Party free could make a lot improvement regarding the looks of it. For example, the balance amount is displayed on the top but the font size so small that you might overlook it at first glance.

If we wanted to define it, we would have to call it a 5-reel and 20 payline slot machine that has different types of bonus rounds. All the symbols represent a playful theme – three different kinds of 7s (Jackpot, purple, and green), a logo symbol, gift box, balloons, punches, beer glasses, a disco light, and party symbols. These symbols open the door to the bonus features. They are better known as the feature symbols in this game.

Your Road to Success

In Super Jackpot Party casino slot online, the glimmering disco ball is the wild symbol. A wild can replace all the other signs to ensure you a guaranteed win. The wilds can appear on the second to the fifth reel. There is only one weakness of the wilds – they cannot substitute two of the features symbols.

You could win a lot of money from this slot. The jackpot amount of Super Jackpot Party game is 25,000 coins! This amount is undoubtedly a big dream for all kinds of slot players. You could enjoy the game for free as well as play for real money if your government allows gambling. Otherwise, you will have to be happy with the free version only. With the RTP of 96.01%, players are happy about it. No wonder why people love this one so much.

The Bonus Bonanza

The Party Feature

This bonus feature symbol appears on the first, third, or the fifth reel. You need to get three feature symbol to unlock the round. Once you get to the round, the screen will be replaced by a joyful scene, and gift prizes will be all over the screen. You will be asked to choose a box to open. These boxes are filled with guaranteed prizes like – cash prizes, unique features, and party poopers. Three things can ruin a perfect rave – the cops, your annoying boss, or an alien. If you get one of them, this feature will come to an end and the regular game will resume. You must play Super Jackpot Party slot machine online to get all the fun.

Multiplier Mode

This particular mode awards you a multiplier for the next gift boxes you open in the party mode of Super Jackpot Party. Moreover, they give special immunity as the poopers will become powerless. You could even multiply your win amounts ten times with the power of this mode. You could call it a little spice that makes everything more interesting.

The Party Animal

This particular feature is a helping hand that will save you from the dirty poopers. Apart from that, it will increase the rewards with some other features like the multipliers, the dance features, and the whack-a-pooper. Most importantly, this animal feature will give you party saver token that will help you get rid of the poopers.

The Surprise Rave

Nothing is better than a surprise. This exceptional feature can trigger on the bonus feature at any time. You would witness the screen turning dark all on a sudden and get the bonus feature popped open for you.


Do you like the Whack-a-Mole? Then you must love this one. Just like the Whack-a-Mole, you will be given a hammer, and you will be asked to hit. The only difference is instead of the moles; you will have to hit the party poopers. Each pooper has a hidden cash prize. They also have a random 2x to 5x win multiplier or an extra round. The special session could trigger another round of whack-a-pooper or the dance feature.

The Dance

Your party animal friend could win you money and dance at the same time. The winning amount could soar up to 57x more your winning amount. The bonus amount meter will continue to rise as your party animal dances.

Concluding Words

We must say – not every slot machine has so many bonus features. You will not feel bored even for a moment playing this game. There are sources of fun lying every here and there. You could also play Super Jackpot Party for real money. Can you imagine how much fun it could be to play so many bonus games? You should play this one if you are trying to get the most of a slot machine.

Jan Rek
Jan Rek

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