Simbat Slots and Games

An Overview of Simbat Games

Simbat Entertainment is a software provider that was founded in 2008 and continues to provide software to online casinos in several countries. Their 3- and 5-reel games were developed with a singular goal in mind: give players the feeling of using older slot machines while playing online. Such a goal was admirable because it helps older gamblers integrate into online gaming in an easier fashion.

Presently, Simbat Entertainment system has mobile games in use with almost a dozen affiliate online casinos, including places like Violet Casino, where people can play for real money or practice free. The company continues to develop at a slower pace than other companies, and it is unclear what offerings they will release in the future.

What Makes the Developer Unique?

Simbat slots are by far their most unique offering because of their retro-style take on the slot machines. While many of their games are video pokies, there are also physical Simbat slot machines which have an older look and feel to them and can be found in many real casinos.

Although the company has emphasized releasing 3-reel classic slots with fruit, they also have some flashy, narrative-based video slots like other providers.

The List of Slots and Casino Games

As previously mentioned, Simbat casino slot machines are the cornerstone of the company moving forward. In that respect, they have developed many famous or respected titles. Among the most renowned slots released by the company are:

  • Wall Street
  • Aladdin Slot
  • Arthur’s Quest Slot
  • All Stars Slot
  • Black Bull Slot.

While the vast majority of titles released by this popular developer are slots, there have been a few forays into other areas of gambling. For example, they have released the following types of virtual games:

  • Blackjack
  • Keno
  • Video Poker
  • Roulette.

Being that there is one of each of these titles, it’s difficult to find them unless one goes to physical casinos that have them. All in all, it’s clear that the company knows what they are good at, and they stick to it.

What Mobile Gaming Options Exist?

It’s possible to find Simbat online slots when you’re browsing through the online casinos. In fact, unless you find yourself in Europe, the chances are rather low that you will find their offerings in person.

The majority of games are provided online in casinos that are focused on Europe, specifically Western. Yet, with a mobile phone or laptop, it is possible to play the games released by the company. The slots are mostly flash-based games that run directly from the site without a download needed. There are options for Simbat free slots as well as real money versions.

Simbat Involvement with Social Gaming Platforms

One thing that the provider seems averse to is modernization. They have not made any strides to take part in social gaming. Thus, people will not see their games on Facebook or any other social media sites.

How to Get Ahead in Their Slot Games?

As far as “beating the odds”, the chances are rather slim when it comes to regulated slot titles like the ones provided by this company. The only way to play with an edge is by making sure you understand the paylines, multipliers, jackpot, and symbols before you begin your gambling journey.

What Security Measures Are Utilized?

As a company which is headquartered in Seychelles, it is clear that Simbat is operating out of an area that is good but not great in terms of regulation reputations. That being said, the Simbat license is issued through Seychelles, so it does have a legal operating license.

The financial transactions for the casinos are protected by the provider since its games operate out of other casinos. With that in mind, no available information exists on the fairness of the slot machines, but the RNG is often guaranteed by the casino site so as to protect their reputation.

Final Thoughts About Simbat Gaming

All in all, here we can see a company that started strong and then stalled. They offer mostly slot machines with a few failed attempts to break into other aspects of casino gambling. Their site was established in 2008, and it doesn’t appear to have been updated much since.

While the developer probably started off with good intentions, most of their products are being rebranded, and the Simbat development of new games appears to have been halted in 2015.

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