Jan Rek

Jan Rek

Hi there! I am glad to greet you on the site!

I am a self-made, professional author whose motto in life is: “If you want to achieve greatness, stop asking for permission”. And know what? It works.

Now I am a top-rated writer on the Australian market and the leading creator of the site.

I graduated from the University of Melbourne and received a degree in Linguistics.

I entered the industry in 2016 and began to study it in depth. It helped me to quickly become a pro in the industry.

If I had been asked to name four things people should know about me, I would have said:

  • I was born on August 20, 1990
  • Like watching sports, especially footy
  • Being a child I imagined myself to be a police officer
  • Dreaming of visiting China

To have a closer look at gambling, I participated in different gambling conferences with top speakers. I have performed many successful casino projects and reviews, and my experience and understanding of the topic helped me to finish all my works at the highest level.

You can find out more about me via Twitter.

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