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Five Play Draw Poker Game slots online
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Playing a single hand poker game is entertaining. A gamer can receive winning combinations focused on this one variation. However, the online realm has changed so much so one can take part in more than one hand. A Five Play Draw game allows the gambler to take part in more than one hand. This enables the said player to enjoy more rewards in each of these five options. The variation can be incorporated in any poker set available. The rules of the original game apply in addition to those of the Five Play Draw Video Poker.

Playing the Game

Whether this game is online or offline, the betting strategy remains constant. The dealer gives each gambler five-hole cards. The paying player to the left side of the big blind gets the privilege to bet as the first one. The game goes around until it gets to the last gamer. At this point, each gambler then receives an opportunity to draw another card if they are interested.

A clockwise forum takes place, and one has to wait for their turn to draw. The second turn of betting takes place, and finally, the set is ended if someone around the table is convinced they have the highest paying winning formation. A new game can begin if one of the players is declared the winner. Considering that the gamers can need more cards than there are on the deck, those that are discarded are added to the pile after shuffling them.

Paid Hands in the Game

Five Play Draw does not have specific hands. It takes from the variation of video poker it has been integrated with. For instance, if gamblers are enjoying Jacks or Better Five Play Draw Video Poker, the game will use the strategies for Jacks or Better. So, in this case, the Five Play Draw paid hands will resemble those of Jacks or Better. An example of such combinations is shown below.

  • Royal Flush
  • Straight Flush
  • Four of a Kind
  • Full House
  • Flush
  • Straight
  • Three of a Kind
  • Two Pair
  • Jacks or Better.

While most of the hands mentioned above provide attractive payouts, the best of them is the Royal Flush option. This combination has an ace, king, queen, jack, and 10. These do not need to have matching suites. The Jacks or Better hand is the least paying one. The strategies are listed in order from the best Five Play Draw hand rankings to the worst. Five Play Draw Video Poker has to have more than one gamer for it to make sense, especially when it comes to drawing.

Five Play Draw Video Poker Winning Strategies

It takes more than skill to win in this game. Holding cards that are worthless can lead the gambler to lose a turn. At times, one can let go of a card that would have availed them a winning opportunity. Learning the general game rules will assist each person to know what to do at what point. A winning strategy for Five Play Draw Video Poker should complement the cards attained by the gamer, for example:

  • If one has a card with a higher value than that of their counterpart, they should keep it for at least two turns. This is unless the other opponent gets a card that is of more value than theirs.
  • Anyone with a better hand than other players should aim at completing the match immediately to keep the pot with them.
  • A player should have a photogenic memory that enables them to remember folded cards. It helps in tracking all bettors.
  • It is essential not to play too many hands than one can handle.
  • Avoid drawing flushes and straights deep into the game. There is little time to complete the formation.

In addition to these tips, one should raise their bets reasonably and steadily rather than make those that leap from a small to a rather massive amount.

Closing Thoughts

Five Play Draw Video Poker game is a heightening video poker set. The fact that one can integrate it with most if not all video poker games make it a good pick. One can keep tabs of their opponents’ move and act hastily to make a killing before they do. The set is enjoyable both for free or money. Regardless of the version, the playing exercise is engaging.

Harrison Welsby
Harrison Welsby

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