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Long-time back, before gaming came to the internet, slot machines had only one payline. Yes, one payline right in the middle of the slot machine. The payline ran horizontally. And you may think that those days are gone. But now, the glory days are back. Fa Fa Fa slot by Genesis Gaming is here to give you some classic taste. The game is so simple that you will never get lost trying to understand how it is played.

The three reels and one payline slot is Chinese themed. It features four symbols represented by different coloured Chinese letters. The symbols present are red, blue, green and grey. The game does not have any special feature like most slots. You will find neither a wild nor a scatter.

I know you are wondering how anyone can play and win on one payline. Read on to find out how to play and win this remarkable pokie.

How to Play Fa Fa Fa Slot Machine Online

To start the game, set the bet level and click the spin button.  The bet level is set in currency. The minimum you can stake is 0.02 while the maxi bet is 80.

To register a win you have to land three symbols along the payline.  Unlike other slots, Fa Fa Fa game does not have an option of 3 or more symbols. It is either 3 or 3.

This sounds simple. Doesn’t it?

But wait a minute.  To get the three symbols on the payline means having the icons aligned along the golden thread that crosses the reel. That thread represents the winning line.

Now that you have icons squarely lined on the payline, it is time to celebrate your win. The prize received depends on the value of the symbol-matched.

The recorded win is calculated by multiplying the value of the matched symbol according to the paytable by the total bet. For example, if you have set your bet as 16 and you match the red icon whose prize is 100, your total reward will be 16X100. This reward is in currency form and not credits like in most slots.

The Value of the Symbols

Technically, this title utilizes the same character (a Chinese letter) only differentiated by colour.

  • The most valued character that will bring you humongous wins if matched is the red one. This letter has a value of 100. You can imagine how much you would win if you placed a maxi bet.
  • Blue character follows closely at a value of 50. Half of what red offers the player.
  • Green icon will pay off the player 25 multiplied by the bet.
  • The grey icon with “ANY” on it is least valued at 5 multiplied by the total bet. However, this character makes sure you do not go home empty-handed. “ANY” means that whenever three symbols properly align on the winning line, regardless of their colour, you have a guaranteed win.

Bonus and Free Spins

Fa Fa Fa Casino Slot Online is a speacial game. Therefore, unlike other pokies, this one does not have many features. There are no bonuses or free spins of any kind. However, this deficiency does not make the game less fun. The “ANY” feature compensates for this lack adequately by ensuring you have many closely spaced wins throughout the game. And what is the essence of playing if not winning. Therefore, with or without the bonuses the mission is still achieved.

Play Fa Fa Fa Slot for Real Money

The title is available online both for free and for real money.  To play the real money version, a new player is supposed to register with an online casino. If you wish to be anonymous, you may opt to use a pet name and enjoy the game.


Fa Fa Fa Slot does not boast of any progressive jackpot. With an RTP of 97.1%, you can be sure that you will never close the day empty-handed. Players manage to make so many small wins. And if luck is on your side, your chance to grab the highest reward of 100X your total bet.


It’s time to have a taste of the original fruit machines. With three reels and one payline, this simple game confirms that the number of reels and winning lines has nothing to do with enjoying a slot or receiving big rewards. So what are you waiting for? Join the Fa Fa Fa Slot party and have fun!

Harrison Welsby
Harrison Welsby

For me, the world of casinos is an inexhaustible universe and “Ace in a hole” is not a simple phrase.