Crazy Gems Booongo slots online

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Crazy Gems Booongo slots online
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Slot Type:
Video Slots
25 000
Slot features:
Wild Symbol

If you are interested in playing casino online games to earn money, then Crazy Gems Slot is the right game for you. It is provided to you by Boongon and is created by an extremely talented design team. There are luminous purple rocks along the sides of your screen which makes it appealing and adds to the look and story. Visually this game has a lot to offer to its players as it has a lot of depth. The title banner is crystallized and looks alive as it moves at random intervals.

However, this game is not like any other casino machine only till the point of time when you hit 3 symbols in a row. Another factor that makes it different from other games is that you do not have to start from the left extreme corner. Symbols are different and are made for the different slots. Each of the letters in the symbol is crystal like and jagged. Other than that there are orange octagon gemstones, blue diamonds and jade crystals which would help you to win the game and get the jackpot. This should be enough to motivate you to play Crazy Gems Slot machine online.

Follow the Rules and Start Playing

 There are abound 10 paylines and 5 reels here. By looking at all the reels, all the symbols seem to be designed as gemstones. It is very simple to play this game and you can play Crazy Gems free of any deposit. You will get all of the tools at the bottom of your screen which will help you to spin the reels.

With RTP 97.3 %, you can place wide range of bets here. You can place bets as low as AUD 0.01 and as high as AUD 10. There are several other features that you can find in Crazy Gems casino slot online:

  • In the middle you can find the spin button. On the left side of this button, you will find lines, bets, total bet and other pieces of information.
  • There is a max button present that will help you to go all in when it comes to bets.
  • You can also opt for a fast mode if you want to speed things up. In case you want to activate the automated mode, there is an option for that as well.
  • There is a new feature when it comes to scatter symbols. It will help you to avail extra bonus even if the scatter symbols do not fall into the payline of Crazy Gems Slot.
  • You can use the bonus feature of free spin which will help you to get multiple and free spins. You can pay off the giants using this feature as it helps you to save your balance.

Win Quite Easily

Crazy Gems Slot has an interesting as well as rewarding gameplay. You can win up to AUD 25,000. As already discussed, the approximate payout percentage is around 97%. Here are some of the tips which will make it easier for you:

  • If you do not have to pay any kind of deposit then use it to your advantage. You can thus play slots online for free of cost at the beginning.
  • Use pay lines not only to calculate your chances to win but also to measure the actual cost of the game.

Are you interested in playing Crazy Gems for real money? Now that you know all about this casino title, it’s time for you to stop thinking and start placing your bets as soon as possible!

Harrison Welsby
Harrison Welsby

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