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Going by so many different names like ‘time killer’ and ‘patience’, Solitaire needs no proper introduction because whatever anyone’s gaming background or casino experience is, this game has a familiar sound just like a popular brand in the market. Nothing personal, but when Solitaire comes into play, every slot machine starts paling in the shadow, and there are a few solid reasons why: the game is highly entertaining, engaging in terms of attention and memory, mesmerising from the gameplay perspective, interesting and, well, simple. Don’t you think veteran casino players have spend ages to get to rules and layers – Solitaire might be explained in a couple of seconds, without exaggeration. But with all this simplicity and alleged ‘innocence’, no one dares to play Solitaire with darkened conscious due to a deep pond of moments the game brings along, that’s why the biggest endorsers of knowledgeable playthrough, Skill Games, drew attention to classic Klondike in their amazingly made 7 Solitaire.

Why 7 Solitaire

A large deal of software studios have introduced their own versions of Solitaire to the world – among developers you can find big titles like Cryptologic, 3Dice, Microgaming, but without any doubt, one by Skill Games deserves a standalone potion of applause. 7 Solitaire has a mind-boggling appearance and undeniable charm so that any other option appears to look crude and a little rough in comparison. Despite the fact that patience games are not absolute favourites throughout online casinos (fruit machines take over the whole space), Skill Games still put much effort to make 7 Solitaire a spectacular piece which oozes with spirit, immersive gameplay and even some handsome features.

Interesting Features

Speaking of features, Solitaire family as well as similar in structure entries are not the ones to get surrounded by a large number of different bonuses – these games concentrate on straightforward play without too many additionalities thrown on the way. Skill Games managed to inject a little bit more than just classic card grouping, that’s why 7 Solitaire might be considered one of the best Klondikes out there. Stick around, because now we are going to dive into features and see what makes 7 Solitaire that good.

Pick A Difficulty

7 Solitaire is a game where gamblers are left with some choice. Looking through Solitaire opponent from different manufacturers, rarely would players be offered a chance to choose the number of cards and passes for a round. Traditionally, developers set so-called Vegas Style when there are only three passes through the stack. Skill Games understands that all gamblers are different in their experience and skill, so they add two more difficulty levels to make 7 Solitaire available and enjoyable for anyone.

The first option to select is ‘Easy Difficulty’ that is the option advised to all newcomers to Solitaire. There you will be offered an unlimited number passes through the stack with a single card on top. When you nailed the basics and got ready to explore the next stage, normal difficulty would be a comfortable middle zone. There you again is offered unlimited passes, but the number of cards on top will be three. Casino classics, Vegas Style, is played by pros because it has hard rules. Firstly, the number of cards on top is set to three. But furthermore, you will have only three passes through the stack. Then you cannot reveal new cards anymore.

Chat & Trials

Another great feature to 7 Solitaire is an option to play without stakes meaning players can try a round or two for fun without placing bets. A disappointing moment about trial games is that small windows will always be popping up at the top reminding you that the current game is all for fun – and they block the view. However, you still can get access to the chat room with real players discussing the process. It is a conveniently embedded window to your right where discussions are run – a thoughtful feature considering single-play nature.


No kidding, but any gambler will need a quick glance at the virtual table and stack names to get everything started. The following list of definitions apply to 7 Solitaire and even to some variations as Skill Games followed classic paths. Time to learn the rules and get to know the structure.

  • Tableau: these are seven stacks to build down different sequences in a descending fashion. You see them right in the middle – seven bases ranging the number of cards from 1 to 7 respectively.
  • Stock: this is what remains after a deck is dealt – it holds face-down cards and you go through stocks to reveal hidden cards there.
  • Foundation: these are four stacks for each gaming suit – the zone where cards are built into in an ascending order starting from Aces.
  • Talon: positioned next to stocks, talons hold face-up cards drawn from stocks. The most-top card can be transferred to either the foundation or the tableau.

7 Solitaire wants gamblers to solve the game by building all 52 cards from Ace to King for each suit into the foundation. Depending on the level of difficulty you choose in the beginning, the number of cards in the talon vary from 1 to 3. When it comes to Vegas Style, stocks can be gone through only three times. Overall, you move cards from tableaus, use stocks and draw cards to foundations to reveal all cards and complete the deck. When you play with real money, a stake is charged right before cards are shuffled and dealt.

How To Play

7 Solitaire game offers an intuitively clear layout where a few clicks separate you from a round. Whatever Skill Games title comes into mind, it is something like an overall feature to every game: simplified layout and good visual structure.

  1. As soon as the game is loaded, you will appear in a lobby where 7 Solitaire provides two parameters to set: stakes and difficulty. You can choose to go with a trial game there and pick a difficulty from easy to Vegas.
  2. When you select a difficulty and come up with bets, the gaming table is loaded and cards are thrown out. Tap and drag cards that you would like to move to another position.
  3. To open instructions or forfeit in case a round seems like there is nothing else to solve go to the main menu – the button to menu is at the right top.


Skill Games state that any strategy applied brings a theoretical chance to solve Solitaire to the area of 82% to 91.44%. A scientific fact is that almost every variation on Klondike has approximately 10 games out of 100 that cannot be possibly solved. Yet Skill Games promise the RTP to lie in the area of 114% to 128% when 7 Solitaire is played optimally.

Closing thoughts

7 Solitaire by Skill Games represents a fine and entertaining game not only to have some fun but also to conduct a fun test of skill and knowledge about Solitaire in general. 7 Solitaire has solid animation to provide decent visual aesthetics and a plenty of opportunities to adjust the rules.

Jan Rek
Jan Rek

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